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Jiujhou International Hotel - Dalian (Dalian Grand Continent International Hotel), Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.L 'hôtel possède toutes sortes de chambres, l' environnement est élégant, les couleurs douces, avec une télévision au plasma, une interface d 'accès à large bande, des téléphones nationaux et internationaux à longue distance, la télévision par satellite, etc.L 'hôtel est équipé d' une petite et grande salle de conférence qui permet de répondre aux besoins de différentes personnes et d 'accueillir 500 personnes dans une salle de banquet, ce qui est l' endroit idéal pour les mariages et les festivals.
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  • janet_221
    Very convenient location, close to the commercial centre, walk all the way across, go out the local shopping promenade. night walk very good ... very nice hotel facilities will feel very comfortable, good health, and good service.
  • dandelions
    Hotels has no regrets. Value-for-money hotel. Very good location and great service. Surrounding environment to a convenient hotel. Like hotel room. Very nice!
  • dongmeiw
    The best choice for business trip
  • jing778181
    Very satisfied
  • boatsong
    Travel convenient service good decoration
  • wang_lulu5
    Has lived in Dalian on business this, pretty good!
  • e00731001
    Hotel location in the city center, shopping is very convenient for transportation, hotel facilities to the people feel very comfortable, service is in place, the breakfast is also very good!
  • bobtone
    Still very good
  • jessicaxiao1230
    Rooms at many times, every time feels good, down the Ooedo Japan cuisine is very delicious
  • andyeung
    That's good
  • absolute_mu
    Environment is not so good
  • alex76
    That's good
  • lyb1969_01
    Great weekend girlfriend like happy
  • miya87
    Which is very nice
  • asong
    Bathroom basin white plastic mold headboard wardrobe fridge vent gray writing desks and chairs black cloth with white spots less toiletries lotion also can be
  • a197830a
    High performance-price ratio
  • gluttonou
    The hotel is very clean, convenient surrounding, good
  • oldeng
    I myself made a mistake staying days, front desk manager to assist and comfort me professionally, ctrip official with me underground Concierge also have very good service, I want to map of Dalian, they try to bang me, finally found a Japanese magazine and map, hotel service on Kyushu grateful!
  • SammyLuo
    Yiqian to Dalian staying preferred Dalian Kyushu gorgeous up, main is because service very good, in details Shang is attention, this service is a detailed enters the of, let people feel not to this is in for you service, but a natural, so each travel, staying Hotel I are back not consciously to will hotel of service with in Dalian Kyushu gorgeous up enjoy to of service do a compared. each are feel to is gorgeous up good. After but the name was changed to Ramada international hotel serviceWorks declined has many. very obviously of. This staying gorgeous up, with customer about good with eat dinner, I first downstairs in II floor of restaurant Qian, see dinner of menu, Advisory has some meal fee, problem, I told restaurant of waiter, may is not here dining, for customer also no downstairs, I on natural of in 2 floor restaurant waiting district sat down, smoothly took up side Shang of newspaper wants to browse about, results just talk of evil waiter no any expression of said, here is toDining of people do of, you cannot do. also cannot see this newspaper. I told she, I is staying of guest, while also no set whether in this with dinner, I of guest immediately will down has, please let I in such about. Despite at restaurant can almost no dining, also no other people in waiting, but waiter also is indifferent to said here cannot sat. Seeing this scene, I never intend to dine here again. Being too utilitarian.
  • wutingsir
    Well every time I lived here
  • liuguirong5791
    Old hotel, nice, very convenient.
  • ramonlee
    On my way to the hotel asked local drivers, this is the 90 best hotels in Dalian, but ten years between big and small hotels abound. Since it is used first, should also be OK. to later discover, location is really good. below is the bus station, where there are cars. The service good location of the hotel, and four star standards. before leaving luggage storage service is also great, very friendly. Breakfast was great,The breakfast room is very well worth it.
  • yoomei627
    Good good
  • amamiya
    Hotel is located in the city centre, the traffic is very convenient
  • doudou58
    Kyushu is an old hotel, but room facilities very good. free laundry nice. window you can see the Dalian train station, victory square. Scenery is very good! breakfast good, Japanese love hotel. and praise one!
  • lynn422
    It wasn't too bad
  • xiaomututu1
    Hotel is located opposite the railway station, the transportation is convenient, clutter is outside the train station area, are relatively quiet, soft background music, facilities, service very good, especially William was kind compared to later development, Karen much better, will consider staying in the future.
  • tonys
    Help colleagues book, the transportation is convenient, is very convenient for shopping around for dinner
  • doubla-lo
    To customers, has been living in this hotel is nice.
  • dannitang
    Wifi signal is too weak, other
  • e00694200
    Yes Yes Yes not press Yes Yes Yes
  • lender
    Hotel location is very good, the traffic is very convenient, hotel facilities excellent, nearby restaurants are very convenient, very suitable for families traveling with the crowd!
  • boboy
    Is an older hotel, but environmental facilities very good, very cozy, convenient travel around, go out no distance is walk, many snacks, later went to Dalian will travel
  • dawei0156
    Accommodation in good health is good, breakfast is also good, staying at many of the Japanese, all toilets are smart, but parking and 50 Yuan a night, and could not go, very old hotel, just next to the train station
  • e00902648
    Positions in the South of Dalian railway station, due to a number of urban transportation is very convenient. downstairs is Tianjin Street and victory square, shopping eating convenience. very late in the day that the reservation no, free upgrade to suite apartment. went in and saw two bedroom and two living room with kitchen, really good.
  • leynago
    Overall good appearance is, after all, rather than a new creation
  • fwfwf
    Children and the elderly, very close to the train station and is very convenient for shopping around for dinner
  • jayseejay
    In the online economy room to be told there is no room, add 100 to upgrade to deluxe room, stay very comfortable.
  • cvyymy
    Which is very nice
  • celineliao
    Just check in. good. ...
  • jialisj
    said service to the Japanese, can be subjected to similar services, independently from the Ramada group, and Dalian Kyushu International Plaza, but... can be extremely useful when traveling by bullet train, financing, Changchun, Dalian railway station is nearby too,... said that the hotel I would recommend other Japanese. (T. T... )
  • e01855365
    Spare parts supplies is very comfortable, towels along the soft, fine. not just the window open, breathable air conditioning. TV noise.
  • baobao_0403
    Hotel location is very good, out of convenience, hotel amenities, but the front desk staff service attitude, needs improvement.
  • dadaiwang
    Although not a Ramada, but still the same as before, good service, clean environment ... only downside is parking in front of hotel canceled very inconvenient!
  • feiyuxiaobai
    It wasn't too bad
  • e00820747
    At the train station downtown, rooms are hygienic, facilities good, service was good.
  • O polished o
    The location is very good, room was very comfortable, hotel breakfast range, very rich.
  • tt533
    Good location, convenient traffic ... breakfast OK. service, go out for help and ask for one.
  • DAVIS1223
    The hotel is very clean, bathroom is complete
  • striga