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Huangshan tourism: 11 million yuan capital increase in six hundred tea industry to speed up the pace of 'second venture'

Date: 2019-08-11

Huangshan tourism, according to the announcement on August 10, the company and related parties saif huangshan tourism culture industry development fund (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as the "rich" huangshan) jointly invest 60 million yuan in six hundred in the monkey chief huangshan tea industry co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "tea industry in six hundred" or "target") the increase endowment spread, among them, the company invested 11 million yuan, accounting for 9.17% of the total equity of the tea industry in six hundred after the capital increase.

At the same time, the huangshan saif investment 49 million yuan, accounting for 40.85% of the total equity after the capital increase of target company

A background factor is that the capital increase of huangshan tourism in order to further implement the "going down the hill, going out" and "travel +" development strategy, to speed up the pace of "second venture".

Announcement shows that surrounded by tea industry business in six hundred, including not limited to, green tea production, processing, sales, development, marketing, technical advice, tea tea, native products, daily provisions retail ordinary goods transportation, logs, the original article self-marketing, investment and development of tourism, cultural tourism, non material cultural heritage protection, museum, etc.

According to the announcement, as of December 31, 2018, six hundred in the tea industry total assets of 10307.56 ten thousand yuan, net assets 3175.90 ten thousand yuan;Achieve revenue 1514.69 ten thousand yuan in 2018, net profit of RMB 4.1669 million;As of June 30, 2019, six hundred in the tea industry's total assets of 104.98 million yuan, net assets of 33.73 million yuan.June 1-2019 operating income of 9.02 million yuan, net profit of RMB 250000 (unaudited).

Announcement that the capital increase subscription model is applied to the company's research and development, production and marketing aspects of working capital;Shall not be used for the purchase of land, real estate, shares of listed companies, corporate bonds and other securities, etc.

Huangshan tourism said in a statement, tea industry is located in huangshan city in six hundred, it has the tea planting base of property right is clear, has the high resource scarcity;Zheng Ming for the taiping monkey chief tea processing technology in the provincial intangible cultural heritage of the people, master the taiping monkey chief core production techniques, the research and development of tea industrialization will soon be put into use, can further reduce the enough tea cost;After many years of operation, already have a certain brand influence, in six hundred within the zone enjoys a high reputation.The company together with saif huangshan tea industry in six hundred capital, on the one hand, to further strengthen strategic cooperation between the two sides, in combination, tea production brigade fusion has made further development space, such as enhance market competitiveness;Can play a better synergistic effect, on the other hand, through integration of resources, improve industrial concentration and brand effect, through the industrial chain, achieve win-win interests, and driving the development of tea, tea culture and other related industries, improve the company's existing products and business structure, to promote sustained and healthy development, the company in line with the company development strategy.